Clinical Management Positions | Northwood Health Systems

Clinical Management Positions

Northwood utilizes a progressive strategic business model and unique management infrastructure to lead the organization, manage its 600 employees, and meet its mission to be a world-class organization providing cost-effective (profitable) quality care. Clinical Management positions at Northwood include supervisory positions, as well as middle, senior, and executive level management positions in the following areas:

Residential Services

  • Residential Services Manager
  • Associate Residential Managers
  • Other Program Managers and Supervisors

Day Services

  • Day Services Manager
  • Day Treatment Program Managers
  • Supported Employment Program Managers
  • Other Program Managers and Supervisors

Crisis Stabilization Units

  • Manager of Crisis Services
  • Unit Managers and Supervisors

Outpatient Services

  • Operations Managers
  • Service Coordination Supervisor
  • Behavior Support Supervisor
  • Clinic Managers
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