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Clinical Psychology Internship Program

Northwood Health Systems’ mission is to be a world-class organization, dedicated to providing cost-effective, quality care for children, adolescents, adults, and senior citizens with emotional problems, intellectual developmental disorders, mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions. We are committed to helping people achieve their highest possible quality of life.

As Northwood Health Systems is committed to providing the highest quality clinical services to our clients, both now and in the future, we are also committed to providing high quality training to the next generation of clinicians, who will carry this work into the future.

In the context of this work, our clinical psychology internship program strives to develop well trained and effective practitioners to address the mental health needs of our socio-culturally diverse population. This is accomplished through gradually increasing clinical exposure and responsibility, combined with close supervision and training experiences.

Training activities build on the previous education and experience of interns, and include assessing the strengths, training needs, and areas of particular interest of each of the interns, in order to design the most effective program for that intern.

Those wanting additional information about clinical psychology internships are encouraged to contact Northwood’s Training Director at

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